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Thursday Theatre with Myke Chambers

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


Sullen Art Collective artist Myke Chambers sent me a few videos the other day of him tattooing some clients so I thought I would share. Myke has been pumping these videos out like crazy lately showing the world how he does things and what stuff he uses, Mr. Chambers is really good at hyping up his sponsors so take some time out of the early morning and watch Myke go to work on a hand, an arm and even a forearm, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Myke for the update, keep ‘em coming.

Get your hands on an original piece from Ben Corn

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Have you ever wondered how or wanted to get your hands on an original painting from one of the Sullen Art Collective artists, well here is your opportunity to do so. Ben Corn has set up an Etsy account to further your needs and wants on some great stuff that’s very limited. Click the link below to check out whats all on there, he has some great stuff like originals, prints and even merchandise. Thanks for checking out the Sullen Blog, now go buy some stuff.

Ben Corns Etsy store

Deer in Rose by Myke chambers

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Sullen Art Collective contributor Myke Chambers has been non stop lately doing magazine interviews and tattoos. Below is a video he sent me of him doing a time lapsed tattoo of a deer in a rose on one of his customers. The finished product is amazing so check it out and let us know what you think. Also the December issue of Ink Junkie Magazine will be hitting the stands soon so go pick it up and check out Myke’s interview.

Sullen Family Thanksgiving

Monday, November 28th, 2011


This past Thursday was the wonderful Thanksgiving, the time where families get together, eat tons of great food, drink adult beverages and watch football. Like normal I got in touch with some of the Sullen Family to ask them what they did just to let the world know how the Sullen Family does it. Believe it or not we are all pretty normal and for the most part were pretty cliche having the standard “Turkey” day. Check out what we all did and enjoy, thanks for checking in and hope you had a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, we all have so much to be thankful for.


Ryan Smith (Sullen co-owner)- For thanksgiving we had our families over at our house, watched a ton of football, had too many beers and ate way too much turkey.

Camille Winans (head of Sullen Angels)-  Technically I started Thanksgiving with The Sullen Family at our Homecoming Angels Search… Once I got a few hours of sleep I spent the day with my family in Elsinore at Nana’s house… We ate too much, watched movies & played chicken foot! Overall amazing day!

Jon Cantrell (Sullen team manager)- Thanksgiving was so great, it was mine and my wifes first turkey together as a married couple, our families got together at our house this year, my wife cooked an amazing dinner, we worked off our food playing a little basketball which my bro and I waxed everyone then kicked it by our fire pit and drank, all in all a super rad day.

Kris Fox (Sullen BMX)-  Hung out in Palm Springs with my family. Had amazing food and watched football. R.I.P Dane Searls

Rick Thorne (Sullen BMX)- Went downtown Los Angeles to hang out with some homies that have a warehouse, me and my old pal & professional bmx legend, Dave Young ate some food and caught a food coma quick. So we sat on the couch, drank some beers and talked about the glory days of bmx, while my kids played on the pool table. Thanksgiving is one of the laziest days of the year, you find yourself just maxing and hanging with family, good times for sure.

Jeff Griffin (Sullen FMX)-  I had an awesome Thanksgiving. I went camping in the mountains with my girlfriend and her family. We deep fried 2 turkeys, and had all the other thanksgiving fixings with it. We went fishing, drank some adult beverages and sat around and socialized by the campfire. It was nice to get away and not deal with the regular everyday grind. I think I gained 10lbs from all the food the last 4 days. Which I was thankful for.

Jessica Harbour (Sullen Angel)- I spent thanksgiving exploring Vegas with my boyfriend and family. I can’t express my gratitude for the many blessings I’ve been granted, the new opportunities, experiences, and more importantly the people I’ve been blessed with!

Bernadette Macias (Sullen Angel)- Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving unless your stomach hates you at the end lol, My day was surrounded by love,  appreciation, & heaps of food :) Hopefully everyone had as fantastic a thanksgiving as I did :)  I spent the day with my family playing games, reading books, & stuffing our faces :) I think for once, I’m allowed to not eat for a couple days lol

Heather Moss (Sullen Angel)- I started off with a mini photo shoot for a company they sell wristbands and they donate part of the proceeds to testicular cancer research so I was happy to be a part of the project. Then I got to spend the rest of the day and night with my wonderful family and we had an amazing dinner. Today we headed off to the sand dunes to kick up some sand for the weekend.

Carlos Torres (Sullen Artist)- Nothign exciting, just hung out with the family and ate some gooodddd food!

Randall “Vandall” Harris (Sullen Wakeboard)- My Thanksgiving was typical.  Woke up early and recorded a few rap verses then Saint (my dog) and I drove to Newport where I ate a traditional Thanksgiving meal and Saint ate Turkey giblets.

Joey Cordova (Sullen BMX)- For thanksgiving this year I got to celebrate with my brother and uncle. We made tacos and salsa and just ate food and watched movies. It was a nice relaxing day!

Nik Hinton (Sullen Wakeboard)- Traditional Thanksgiving had our entire family over and ate food and watched football all day!

Matt Cordova (Sullen BMX)- Today I just hung out with my brother and uncle in Wildomar, CA. We had a little taco Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing better then spending some time with family on a holiday.

Mr Flaks (Sullen artist)- I went to Angelina Ivy’s pad for dinner, she on tha cover of lowrider girls ……yup

Jeremy Hanna (Sullen co- owner)- I started my Thanksgiving off over my In laws house. Great food, great family and great vibes! Then I went over my cousin Eric Casillas’ house aka ‘Froggy’ from Lost Souls. Ate all over again and watched comedy central roasts on Charlie Sheen and Flava Flave with our entire family…..freaking hilarious. I Cannot believe it is the holiday season again!


V Tattoo presents SFDK “EL”

Thursday, November 17th, 2011


Sullen’s newest Art Collective artist Miguel Bohigues hails from Spain and is featured in this cool music video as a tattoo artist. Although it is in Spanish and are sorry if you can’t understand it, you can at least check out the video and bounce to the beat.  Miguel’s first design was released last month called the “Bohigues” which is doing really well for Sullen. For some of Miguel’s work check out V Tattoos website where he works out of, you will not be disappointed because he is amazing!

Fresh Paint… The Video

Monday, November 7th, 2011


If you recall last week we showed everyone the new mural done by Sullen Art Collective artists Mr. Flaks, Big Gus and Kalm Oner. Now we show you step by step how it all went down as they perfect a master piece in the new Sullen HQ. Thanks to the Sullen TV crew  you will be that much closer to history, the pics and video do some what justice but I’m telling you that in person it is beyond ridiculous, maybe you can be lucky enough to see it but for now peep the Sullen TV video here and let us know what you think. Big thanks to Big Gus, Flaks and Kalm for putting in some serious time for your Sullen Family, it exceeded our expectations!

Halloween for the Sullen Family

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Happy November 1st everyone, we have officially entered into the holiday season can you believe it… Well last night was Halloween, the time where everyone likes to let lose a little while some like to take it easy and pass out candy to all the kids dressed up. This year I think there was a little bit of both going on as Halloween fell on a Monday so people had Friday and Saturday to do there thing. Friday night Sullen held there annual Halloween party at Club Avec in Huntington Beach and let me tell you this place was the spot for sure. If you have been to one of our parties then you could imagine how this was as we do it big for Halloween and if you haven’t then well I guess you could still only imagine while reading this blog. We had everyone from family to friends participate in dressing up as there favorite gool, goon, character and then of course you had all the girls trying to one up each other on who’s the hottest. I talked to some of the artists, musicians, co workers and athletes and asked them what they look forward to Halloween the most, what they did and what they dressed up as so kick back and read below.


Ben Corn (Sullen Tattoo Artist)- Halloween has been great.. Enjoying my daughters first Halloween. She’s a lil cowgirl.  I always look forward to halloween, it’s the best time to buy skulls and cool stuff for my house and station.  I’m not much of a costume guy, don’t like stuff on my face and don’t like to be hot, but I got a Jack O lantern t shirt to wear.

Bernadette Macias (Sullen Angel)- My Halloween was amazing ;) I only attended 1 Halloween party & it was Sullen’s party at Avec & I must say that night was enough wildest for me for a while lol Oh & I went as a sexy lioness :) I 100% look forward to Halloween cause its my youngest daughters bday & it’s a chance to play dress up & eat loads of AlmondJoys without seeming like a fatass lol.

Jeremy Hanna (Sullen co-owner)- We did throw a kick ass Halloween party on Friday, but the rest of the Halloween weekend was for my kids.  I always look forward to Halloween because I like to laugh at everybody’s costumes.  At first I was going to dress up as an old man and have my wife be my sexy nurse.  But then my son asked if I would be a cowboy with him.  So my wife was a panda bear, my daughter was an Angel, and my son Brody and I went as cowboys from the wild wild west.

Rachel Carroll (Sullen Sales)- Halloween was a usual work day followed up with taking my kids trick-or-treating. They went as Wayne and Garth from Waynes World.

Myke Chambers (Sullen Tattoo artist)- Halloween was awesome! I got to spend it with my girlfriend Mary-Leigh and my two kids, my daughter Max and son Malachi. Mary-Leigh was Little Red Riding Hood and I was the Big Bad Wolf. Max was the Corpse Bride and Malachi was a Ghost Buster. The main reason I look foreword to Halloween is because my daughter Max’s birthday is the day after. She just turned 10 on November 1st. Halloween to me is good times with my family.

John Bayles (Sullen TV)- Friday Avec Sullen Party and Saturday night was a couple different House parties. Halloween is always fun because of dressing up. The best part is to laugh at the costumes. The first night my girl and I were drunkin Barachos and the 2nd night I was Howard Stern, fun times.

Jeff Griffin (Sullen Freestyle moto)-  Well my Halloween was pretty mellow. Saturday night I had a little party with some friends over. Then played some hungover football at the park on Sunday. Halloween came so fast this year that I didn’t have much planned. I’ve been super busy on working on my new house that I didn’t give it much thought this year. So on Halloween, I worked on the new bathroom until about 6pm then my Girlfriend got home. The only thing I looked forward to is that it was also our 3yr anniversary. We handed out candy for about 15 mins until we ran out, because everyone ate it on Saturday night at our party. We then went to dinner and afterwards went to my moms to give out all her candy. Pretty mellow year, considering the last few I’ve had.

John Gillespie (Sullen Musik Artist)- My Halloween, WOW how do I put it in one day?… lets call it “my Halloween weekend through Monday in a nut shell ” basically the whole weekend  I’ve been in the studio working on my first solo project aiming for summer to launch with producer Ronnie king. I went to the Sullen party on Friday after the studio to say what up to the Sullen fam and the homie Rick Thorne and I deffinitely weren’t in a costume  because I had no time to change however I always rock my classic shades and my Sullen pimp hat. Saturday I woke up hit the studio hit a homies party  with my classy Mormon Halloween outfit  that killed everyone else’s outfit and basically had a blast  apparently because I spent my Sunday sleeping and recovering. So when it came to Monday ” Halloween” I ended up passing out candy to all the little kids with the mom because I hadn’t see her in a little bit so all in all it was a very nice Halloween that I look forward to every year to see what adventures have in store for me.

Randall Harris (Sullen Wakeboarder)- I kicked it with my family and 1 year old niece.  We carved pumpkins and ate till it hurt. I look forward to Halloween because it makes for an interesting Facebook news feed hahaha. And I dressed up as a “Vandall”..

Taadow (Eye Shot Ya photography)- My Halloween weekend was awesome, I got to party and perform with my Sullen Family @ Club Avec. I also had a bad ass photo shoot on Sat for the Dia De Los Muertos. I love Horror movies so Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. This year I didnt get to dress up but anything creepy for Halloween is always a must in my book.

Rick Thorne (Sullen BMX/ Good Guys in Black)- I took the bandits out to get candy then hit up a bar with my band to watch us Good Guys In Black perform on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit” on the big screen. Halloween is one of the best holidays I mean come on free candy yeah boy. I dressed up as a skeleton because I dig that creepy side to Halloween spiders, zombies, bats, vampires and skulls, long live the pirates and Dracula.

Camille Winans (Sullen Angels)- Halloween at The Sullen Family Halloween Party! I was a circus ring leader and my Angels were parts of my circus :) Actual Halloween was spent with my 3 little ones running around the neighborhood trying to keep up with Iron Man & our Pirate Princess as they Trick-or-Trick. There is also a homemade Haunted House down the street we are going to check out.

Simon Hayag (Sullen Tattoo Artist)- Just chilled at home and painted, believe it or not no kids knocked on the door this year.

Ryan Moore(Sullen Sales Manager)- We Enjoyed some frosty cold beverages at the spooky Sullen Halloween bash. It was my sons first Halloween so we carved pumpkins and took pictures in his little lion man outfit. I was a bunny and my wife was a playboy bunny.  Safe to say she looked much better than me, Good times!!

Flaks Nitti (Sullen Tattoo Artist)- I was a gangsta business man… Oh wait I am that everyday.






21 Questions with Ben Corn

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Good morning everyone happy Wednesday, thanks for checking into the Sullen Clothing blog for another “21 Questions”. We are pleased to announce today’s interview is with our good friend Ben Corn. Ben is currently working out of Simms Ink in Northern California and killing it with his large scale black and grey, but don’t be fooled he can do it all from skulls to lettering to a bit of color as well. In his short 15 year career he has earned a large amount of awards and accomplishments and has proved he is a heavy hitter in the tattoo industry. Ben has become well known with celebrities and sports stars and has done some cool tattoos, one standing out the most which if you read the interview below you will find out who and what it was. So check it out and let us know what you think, become a friend and fan of Ben on his Facebook, you never know he might have some openings to get some work done.


Sullen- What’s up Ben how’s everything going?

Ben- Everything is good, just enjoying life


Sullen- How long have you been tattooing?

Ben- I began my apprenticeship over 15 years ago


Sullen- What’s the reason you love tattooing?

Ben- I love tattooing because of all art forms I’ve tried, there’s too many factors to ever master it and that’s what drives me to keep learning and trying harder


Sullen- Where are you from?

Ben- I grew up in Norco, Ca


Sullen- Did anyone influence you to start tattooing?

Ben- I never really considered it until I was offered an apprenticeship by Roger Blankenship (RIP) of Almost Brothers Tattoos


Sullen-Do you compare your style to anyone?

Ben- I think at this point, I kinda got my own thing going on…


Sullen- What kind of music do you like?

Ben- Underground hip-hop to death metal and everything in between


Sullen- Black and Grey or Color which do you prefer?

Ben- I can do color but…shhhh.. don’t tell anyone but I prefer working in black and grey.


Sullen- Is there one thing that inspires you before you start working like music or anything?

Ben- Ummm..puff puff pass.


Sullen- You favorite place to eat?

Ben- The Corn kitchen a.k.a whatever the wifey is cookin!


Sullen- Favorite drink?

Ben- Anybody that knows me knows that I can’t work without my Dr.Pepper!


Sullen- What’s the most memorable tattoo you have done?

Ben- Lebron James, “Chosen 1″ on his back.


Sullen- How did your relationship with Sullen come about?

Ben- Owner Ryan Smith hit me up and went from there.


Sullen- What’s your favorite item  from Sullen?

Ben- The Blaq Paq, it’s made traveling way easier.


Sullen- Who’s your favorite Sullen Angel?

Ben- I plea the fifth lol.


Sullen- If you weren’t tattooing what would you be doing?

Ben- Teaching high school ceramics.


Sullen- If you were to design the next Art Collective tee with Sullen what would the ideal art work be?

Ben- A collaboration between Ryan and myself.


Sullen- What’s a hidden talent of yours?

Ben- I can cook!


Sullen- Anything on the horizon for Ben Corn, any projects you want to let your fans know about?

Ben- I’m always doing something big so stay tuned…


Sullen- Best place you have traveled to?

Ben- Amsterdam.


Sullen- Worst place you have traveled to?

Ben- Haven’t been there yet lol


Sullen- Anyone you wanna give shout outs to this is your time…..

Ben- My beautiful wife Monica for giving me my pride and joy my daughter Kasey Ava and the Sullen family for giving me this opportunity!

Thanks Ben for taking time to catch up with us and being a part of the Sullen Art Collective family, keep up the great work!

New warehouse means new art

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011


This week is a huge week for Sullen Clothing as we are moving into our new building in Los Alamitos. Still in Orange County but not in Huntington Beach, we pondered the idea of moving out of the founding city over and over and as we looked at others this one just seemed to fit and met all the criteria, plus the name of the street is called “Winners Circle” so can’t go wrong. The building is outrageously huge with tons of warehouse and office space which means tons of fresh blank white walls that need some art blasted upon. As soon as we got the ok to come in and start going to town we immediately called Sullen Art Collective artists Big Gus and Mr. Flaks along with good friend Kalm Oner to come in and collaborate on yet another memorable wall in the new Sullen HQ. Below are some pics of the awesome work done so we hope you enjoy, remember be on the look out for more pics of the new headquarters as we are putting in a whole retail store, art show room and more. Big thanks to Taadow for the great photos as always, Sullen TV for filming the whole thing (which will be out soon) and of course Mr. Flaks and Big Gus for putting in tons of hours and making this a piece of history.

Inked Magazine does Tattoo of the Day.

Monday, October 17th, 2011


Our friends from Inked Magazine have doing a cool ” Tattoo of the Day ” and lately I have been seeing some real talent from people that have been submitting there work. Today I opened my facebook up and Inked Mag posted up a cool piece on an arm with a Koi Fish with some cool color, although I am unable to see who actually submitted it, it was cool to see in such a short time of being posted it had a bunch of likes. Go a head and try it, it’s easy just click the link below and upload your tattoo whether it be one you got or one you gave, these are always fun to participate in, you never know you could be a hidden gem of an artist to help Sullen with a new design, we are always looking to expand.

To upload

Past submissions