Jack Rudy, Good Time Charlie Cartwright, Corey Miller, Rick Walters and more at Artist Choice.

December 22nd, 2011

Anaheim,CA. Even through a freezing cold evening, Jack Rudy’s Koolsville gallery, at Good Time Charlie’s, was packed full of amazing artists, tattoo artists, and celebrities. Artist Choice was a gallery of select artists displaying an array of styles and mediums in a celebration of artists, recognizing artists. 2Nd Floor or Huntington Beach provided the amazing food and Estevan Oriol, Mr. Cartoon, Corey Miller, Franco Vescovi, Oliver Peck, Carlos Torres, Rick Walters, Robert Atkinson, and Bob Tyrrell were some of the many that showed for this gallery. Special thanks to Rick Walters, Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy and Robert Atkinson for posing for a picture and doing a little interview for SullenTV which you can see below.

Santana’s Andy Vargas visits Sullen HQ

December 21st, 2011

In preparation to perform at the Sullen Art Collective Holiday Party, Andy Vargas came by the Sullen Art Collective headquarters to say hello. During a world tour singing for Carlos Santana and a residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Andy Vargas was wearing Sullen every chance he could get. Thank you to Andy for the support, we can’t wait for his performance at the holiday party. Check out what is new with Andy Vargas on his website.

Cherry Dollface visits Sullen HQ

December 20th, 2011

Sullen Angel, Cherry Dollface and her boyfriend Trevor came down to the new Sullen Art Collective HQ to visit. Sales Rep. Rachel showed them around and took them to get geared up. It was a day full of special guests at Sullen, Rick Thorne and Mikey from Goodfellas Tattoo also came through to say hello. Check out more from Cherry on her youtube channel or her video below:

My Look Mondays with Pamela Jean Noble

December 19th, 2011

“My Look Monday” with Pamela Jean Noble. Pamela is wearing the “Medusa” shirt by Nikko Hurtado, available here. Pamela cut up a mens size shirt, tutorial here, and customized it as a dress. She paired this customized Sullen Art Collective shirt with a pair of leggings from Forever 21 and heels. Check back every monday for a new look from one of the Sullen Angels.

2nd Floor hosts art show featuring Opie Ortiz and Tyler Bredeweg

December 16th, 2011

2nd Floor in Huntington Beach hosted an Art show featuring Opie Ortiz and Tyler Bredeweg. Both were selling original pieces and prints of their work. Opie Ortiz is well know for his artwork on the album covers of the band Sublime. Sullen Art Collective Artist, Tyler Bredeweg was displaying giclees of his work and a few limited edition signed prints. Thank you to 2nd Floor in Huntington Beach,CA for hosting and accommodating.


R.A.D. Amateur FMX Contest

December 16th, 2011


If you’re a moto fan and want to see some of the legends of the sport up close, this event is for you.

The First Annual Freestyle Motocross Awards is this Sunday at the Pala Casino Resort & Spa just outside Temecula, CA. Greats like Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Ronnie Faisst, Todd Potter, Mike Mason, Robbie Madison, Nate Adams and the Godfather of Freestyle Moto, Mike Metzger, will all be on hand to give out as well as receive awards. Carey Hart is bestowed with a lifetime achievement award.

You’ll also see action sports heroes like Sunny Garcia, Jason Ellis and Weeman. If you’re in the mood for some hip hop, Paul Wall will entertain your ear drums.

It all goes down this Sunday starting at 7pm with the red carpet arrivals. General admission is $25 at the door. And, if you’re a baller, you can lock in a whole table for ten at the low low price of $1,000.

Pala Casino Resort & Spa
Event Center
11154 Highway 76
Pala, CA 92059

The night benefits the Chris Ackerman Foundation.

Check out this video below compliments of ESPN of Twitch Stenberg talking about his event going on this weekend.

Sullen Art Collective Nuclear Submarine Art Project

December 15th, 2011

The Sullen Art Collective brought together artists to do a project for the United States Navy. The concept was simple, paint the doors of a nuclear sub. The execution was a challenge. Due to top secret locations and national security, the artists had a very small window of time to work on these. Tim Hering and his brother STS-1 SS Rich Hering organized the doors to be delivered to orange county while the nuclear submarine docked, get the doors to the artists and deliver them before the nuclear sub set sail again. Special thanks to USS SF and all of the artists for contributing the art including: Gustavo Rimada, Big Gus, Flaks, Tim Shelton, Tony Mash, Steve Soto, John Caleb, Goodfellas Tattoo, and Rick Walters.

Thursday Theatre with Myke Chambers

December 15th, 2011


Sullen Art Collective artist Myke Chambers sent me a few videos the other day of him tattooing some clients so I thought I would share. Myke has been pumping these videos out like crazy lately showing the world how he does things and what stuff he uses, Mr. Chambers is really good at hyping up his sponsors so take some time out of the early morning and watch Myke go to work on a hand, an arm and even a forearm, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Myke for the update, keep ‘em coming.

Summer fun with Randall and the Axis team.

December 13th, 2011


A new video of the Axis boats wake team was released yesterday featuring Sullen athlete Randall “Vandall” Harris. The team went on a 10 day tour doing demos for some of there accounts who carry the boats and by the looks of it I’m sure they were not disappointed. There was a whole lot of shredding going down, so much it had a contest vibe to it. I am unsure of the exact locations they went to but if you watch the video that really doesn’t matter, what mattered was great boats, glass water and bad ass athletes putting down some serious pulls, enjoy the video below thanks to our good friends from Axis and feel free to re-post and tag the Sullen Clothing facebook.

Axis Wake: Summer Joys in the Winter from Axis Wake Research on Vimeo.

Ink Junkie Magazine visits Sullen Headquarters

December 12th, 2011

Ink Junkie Magazine’s Brandon Ingram and Kevin Rasmussen came by the new Sullen Art Collective Headquarters. They shared with us that the next issue will feature Fieldy from Korn, Roman and some love for Sullen. Ink Junkie magazine is based out of Eugene,OR and is the 2nd highest distributed tattoo magazine in the USA. Make sure to get your copy at your nearest 7-11, Barnes and Noble, or subscribe to Ink Junkie Magazine on their website. You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter as well.